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New Plant Review: ‘Blue Chip’ Butterfly Bush

Many gardeners love Butterfly Bushes  (Buddleia). This woody perennial attract butterflies by the 100′s. This plant works great as a tall shrub as a backdrop in your landscape. But to be honestly, I’ve never gotten very excited about Butterfly Bushes, the look of this plant just doesn’t fit my gardening style.

Proven Winners just came out with a miniature Butterfly Bush, ‘Blue Chip’. Typically a Butterfly Bush reaches 5-6′ tall and ‘Blue Chip’ only reaches 2-3′ tall. I spotted this beautiful landscape photo of Proven Winners website and decided I had to try it. I put my plant in a container, and liked the look, this is the perfect sized plant for a container.

{‘Blue Chip’ Butterfly Bush (Buddleia ‘Blue Chip’}

Am I completely sold on this Butterfly Bush? Well, I’ve got to admit, this is a great small miniature Butterfly Bush. I like it better than the older, taller Butterfly Bush, but its still not going to be a top pick for my garden. If you’re a Butterfly Bush lover, definitely pick up a few of these plants!

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